Asexual Artists Assemble! Brief Update

(Cross-posted from Tumblr)

Hello all!

I apologize for being a bit quiet lately.  Con season is picking up and I’ve got writing things that require my attention.  I’m still trying to market both my own work and get the word out about Asexual Artists, which is devouring a good chunk of my time.

Speaking of, I have added a new page to the sites:  Appearances (Tumblr & WordPress).  This is for upcoming events where you can find asexual artists.  If you have an event you want to promote, just shoot me an email (  I hope to see some of your lovely faces at upcoming appearances.  It’s always awesome to meet fellow aces in person.

I’m still thinking of ways to get the word out about this site.  As I mentioned once, I have considered doing a podcast or starting a YouTube channel for Asexual Artists.  However, at the moment, my time constraints are a bit of an issue.  Being an indie author is no easy feat.  Rest assured, my dedication to this site will never waver.

I’d write more, but I’m a little low on sleep and my mind isn’t really cooperating right now.

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