Poem by Jules

I received an email from one of the artists, Jules.  They have written a poem and asked if I would post it to “Asexual Artists,” which I agreed to. 

Like signal boosts, if you are an artist on the asexual spectrum and have any art or writing you’d like posted on these sites, I’m more than happy to oblige.  Also like signal boosts, I’ll be posting these on Saturdays and Sundays.

Warning:  some language is NSFW


“You’re too young to know,”
“You’ve never been with anyone before,”
“You’ll change your mind,”
“Don’t be such a bore.”

We hear a lot of things,
Many hurtful, ignorant and blunt.
We’re dismissed and erased,
Just ’cause we don’t want cock or cunt.

Excuse the vulgarity,
But that’s all we hear all day.
How can we ignore it
When it’s always thrown our way?

How can we ignore it
When the world chooses to ignore us?
We feel put aside
When sex is all they discuss.

We don’t mean to be spiteful,
To hate those who don’t get it.
But it’s hard to stay positive
When you feel like you don’t fit.

And to think that such things
Could happen in our own community,
Even there we’re not safe,
Even there there’s no immunity.

“A is for Ally!”
These words pierce our ear.
“A is for Ally!”
These words do not deserve cheer.

A is for Ace, Aro, Agender,
And those who fall on those lines.
Demi, Grey, Neutrois,
Repeat it until it shines.

(they can be found on Tumblr and DeviantArt)

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