Signal Boost: Dreamlords

Hey everyone!

I’ve got super exciting signal boost: a short film directed by a ridiculously talented asexual filmmaker.  I interviewed Britty Lea for the site a while back and was incredibly impressed with her enthusiasm and passion.  When she contacted me about a signal boost, I was like, “Oh hell yes!”

“Dreamlords” has a fantastically original premise and the cast is compromised mostly of women.  A movie directed by an asexual woman, starring mostly women.  And it’s a genre movie!?

Here’s a synopsis:

In a world where dreams are sold as drugs, Theo wants to be a Dreamlord and goes up against the woman who runs it all.

Britty is currently raising funds to get this movie made.  If you could donate anything, it would be very much appreciated.  Seriously, we need more asexual voices in filmmaking.  Please, consider supporting this film.  It’s going to be amazing.

Here are some links where you can get some more information (and donate)

The Indiegogo page:


The Tumblr also has links to the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.  Come on, aces and ace allies!  Donate, signal boost, tell everyone you know.  Let’s help this ace get her film made!

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