A Word about Abusive Behavior

I posted this on the Tumblr site, which is where I’ve been having the issue.  However, since this site is connected to it, I wanted to make a note of it here as well.

Hello all.

For the past week, I’ve been getting messages from a person whose interview I cancelled due to implied abusive behavior towards people with breasts.  If you look at the FAQ of this site, you’ll see that I have a zero tolerance policy in regards to the abuse of others.  I’m extremely lenient about what goes on this site and I’ll never censor an artist or their work (if I’m sent something potentially triggering, I try to include a warning on the interview and will mention it to the artist).  It takes a hell of a lot to make me actually cancel an interview.  However, once you cross that line, you cannot uncross it.

Asexual Artists is here to raise awareness of ace artists and the gorgeous work they produce.  It’s meant to boost voices that otherwise wouldn’t be heard.  Most of all, it’s meant to be a safe space for people on the ace and aro spectrums, as well as those who wish to be better allies to these groups.

If you violate this safe space, you are not welcome here.  If you make me, or any artist on this site, feel unsafe, you will not be welcome here.

  • If I wind up cancelling your interview, I do not owe you an explanation.  Nor will you get one.  You don’t get a do-over.  If you act gross and/or abusive, your interview is cancelled.  End of story.
  • If you continue bombarding me (or my administrators) with messages and demands, you will be blocked from this blog (and my other social media sites).  This is abusive behavior and my obligation is to the safety and well-being of the artists on this site, the aces (and others) who follow this site, and myself.
  • If you send your friends to badger me on your behalf, they too will be blocked.
  • I will not upload/post/signal boost any work that’s even tangentially connected to the abusive individual nor will I interview anyone connected to them.  Especially if they’ve been blocked.  You will not worm your way back into this site, no matter how clever you try to be.  Once this platform is closed to an individual, it is permanently closed.

I’m actually surprised it took this long for a problematic individual to find this site.  180+ interviews without a problem is a fairly good streak.  And I keep getting new requests almost every day.

I’m sure I’ll still be getting messages from said individual for a while longer (and/or people connected to their work asking to be interviewed).  I’ve already made up my mind and I will not allow toxicity on this site.

Rest assured, Asexual Artists isn’t going anywhere.  As frustrating as this situation is, I am still determined to keep this site going.  A few rotten apples will not scare me away.  There are too many amazing and wonderful ace artists out there who deserve to get attention for their beautiful work.

So thank you, artists and followers, for following the guidelines of the site and making it the wonderful platform that it is.  You continue to amaze and inspire me.  You’re why I pour so many hours and so much work into this site.  Much love to all of you.

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