Special Signal Boost

Hi everyone!

This is a special signal boost connected to Ace Appreciation Day tomorrow.  One of the artists interviewed for the site, Ainslee a.k.a. Antelraptor, included a small announcement at the end of her interview, which I thought might be nice to include here (since her interview goes up on November).

Here’s the announcement:

A little announcement in honor of the Asexual Artist Appreciation thing:

For anyone referred to me by AsexualArtists, you get a special 20% off, free screen printed heart sticker, and free custom sticker with your first commission/premade item purchase from me. Please contact me here or on deviantART or Wysp about it and be sure to mention the blog. Yes, this includes Spewnicorn screen prints and premade jewelry things. It’s valid after the date, too, because I don’t know when this will be posted. 🙂

Here’s her links (and I highly recommend looking her up because her work is gorgeous)


You can also find her links under the Asexual Artists links and the Visual Artists pages on both sites.

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