Signal Boost: Shining Ascension

Hello all!

I’m here with a very special signal boost. Two artists (Darcie Little Badger, writer, and T. Hueston, visual artist) recently launched an absolutely stunning webcomic entitled Shining Ascension. If you’re not reading, you totally should be. I have been following it and I really can’t put into words just how good it is. The artwork is phenomenal and the story is engaging. All the characters are people of color and the protagonist is asexual!

Official website:

First page (cover) of the webcomic itself:

Darcie and T. are among my favorite artists who I’ve interviewed for this site. Their talents compliment each other beautifully and this webcomic is truly a work of art: diversity, strong characters, and a gripping storyline? What more could you possibly want?

According to the FAQ, there will eventually be a printed edition of this comic (and the possibility of signed copies).  This is definitely the kind of project that I will make room for on my “Ace Shelf.”

What are you waiting for? Click on those links and support the hell out of this project! 🙂


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