Poem: Broken by Juliet

I was recently contacted by a young poet named Juliet (who can be found at http://scrumpgreen.tumblr.com/). She asked if I would post this on “Asexual Artists” and I agreed. So here’s “Broken, Based on Confession of Asexuals”



Based on confession of asexuals.
By Juliet (http://scrumpgreen.tumblr.com/)

They say I am broken. They say I have a disease. They say I’m not real. And I believed them. I hid myself, from the truth.

There must be something wrong with me. I don’t feel sexual attraction.

But this doesn’t mean I don’t want a relationship. I dream of someone holding my hand, someone to cuddle with at night, someone to say that they love me every day. But every time I say who I am they all laugh or run.

Is this how it is? I can’t have a romance without heated night? Am I strange for thinking that there is more to a relationship than sex? Every time I tell someone who I am they say I just haven’t found the right person yet, they say how do I know I don’t like it without even trying it. They think I’m a victim of sexual assault. I’m not, I thought I was just a normal human being, but I thought wrong.

Why do people care so much anyways? Is it bothering them? Am I offending anyone?
Does everyone in the world have to be attracted to another?

You just haven’t found him yet. That’s not a real thing. You’re just a closeted gay.
I’ve heard it every day since I came out. Can’t I just go back in? Would people stop getting in my business then? Should I just say I can feel attraction? What will make the world happy?

I thought to myself every night. These thoughts running through my head. I was tired of being told I’m broken. I would cry myself to sleep at night. Why am I like this? I hate myself! I can’t stand who I am.

But one day I found a person. A person that turned my life around. They told me I wasn’t broken. They said they understood what I was going through because they went through the same thing.

And that day the comments of others were blocked out. They didn’t bother me anymore. I was finally free.

So now I say to you I am proud of who I am. I’m asexual and I will scream it from the roof tops! So what if I don’t feel attraction? So what if I don’t want to have sex with you? If you can accept me for who I am then you don’t deserve me! Cake is way better than you anyways!

And for all of you who feeling the same pain I felt this is for you. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re broken because you’re not! You are a beautiful work of art! So please be proud of who you are.

We are real. We don’t have a disease. We are not…..


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