Signal Boost: Drop Bear

Hello all!

I have an exciting signal boost. I was contacted by EJ Oakley (, who I interviewed for this site some time ago (Tumblr & WordPress). Their band has recently released a single and they were hoping I could signal boost it. Here’s what they had to say about it:

Basically this is the first ever single we’ve put out, and we are currently hard at work in the studio working on more singles and a full-length EP, which I would love to promote on Asexual Artists whenever they get released, if you would be so kind to signal boost us out there! As for some info about the band we’re a punk band from England.

Here’s the link to the single, Hungover:

So, if you’re a fan of punk rock, please give them a listen and support their music. A punk rock ace, that’s pretty freaking cool.

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