Signal Boost: Aromantic Project

Hello all!

I received an email from a lovely individual by the name of Arianna, who is working on a project for the aromantic community. She asked if I wouldn’t mind giving her a signal boost and I agreed. Note this is open to all members of the aromantic community, not just aromantic asexuals.

Hi! I am currently working on a project for the aromantic community, and am looking for aromantic artists willing to share their work. I am looking for visual art such as (paintings, drawings, etc.), poetry, books, and music. I will disclose the project in more detail for interested parties. Contact me [at] assemble-the-fangirls or through my email, All artists will be credited and linked.

So if you’re interested, please drop Arianna a line. I’m super interested to see what comes of this project 😀

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