A Friendly Reminder

(This is more an issue on Tumblr, but I wanted to make it clear on both sites)

Hello Everyone!

How are you all doing? Well I hope.

Okay, so I just finished taking down an interview that I did a while back with an artist because said artist has been posting a shit-ton of anti-ace rhetoric (and agreeing with it) on and off for a while now. At first I just ignored it and I admit, that was rather poor judgement on my part.

So I wanted to be clear:


That means no antisemites, no Islamaphobes, no TERFs, no REGs, no racists, no misogynists, no bigots, no acephobes, no arophobes, no homophobes, no biphobes, no ableists, no classists, etc. If you harm any marginalized group or peoples, you are not welcome on my site and I sure as hell won’t feature you. If I catch wind of you participating in any kind of hate speech or bullying, I will take your damn interview down so freaking fast your head will spin. And it will NEVER be reposted (you can beg and plead and apologize all you want, it won’t sway me).

You want to act like a bigoted asshole, fine. But you won’t be welcome on my site.

And another thing, if you’re a damn acephobe who has been participating in the discourse on Tumblr, you aren’t welcome here. I don’t care if you’re a self-hating ace. I will block you, just like all the other bigots who try to message me.

Also, and forgive me for being a little personal here, if you’re interviewed by an aro-ace, maybe don’t talk shit about aro-aces. Just a thought.

This blog is a safe space for aces and their allies, as well as those who want to know more about asexuality. I take that very seriously.

Thanks everybody! 🙂 ❤

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