Signal Boost: Asexual Panel Opportunity

Hello all!

I was contacted by a future interviewee who had a special proposal and requested a signal boost. Her name is Emie and she’s with Happy Endings Productions. She has performed all over the world and is going to New York for a panel next, which is what this signal boost is for.

Here’s some more information:

Any Aces in the New York area interested in attending this ACE Evening I’m arranging for Utopia School @ Flux Factory late January?

I’m particularly looking for local aces (of any part of the spectrum) interested in being part of the class, in the panel discussion or facilitating/assisting/doing/showing something as part of the 2h window we have to focus on asexuality!

I’m very open to allow more aces to use this platform, so please let me know!


The Ace Evening proposal:

Daisuke Tsukuda (Tokyo, 2017)

New York aces: anyone interested in this fantastic opportunity? Please contact Emie for more information. 🙂

Thanks, everyone!

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