Signal Boost: 10,000 Dawns Kickstarter

Hello all!

I’ve got a very exciting signal boost today. A while back, I interviewed an author named James Wylder for the site (Tumblr & WordPress). James is a science fiction author who is wildly creative and one of the kindest people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. I ran into him at a convention I was working in Indiana and greatly enjoyed conversing with him.

James recently contacted me about this incredible science fiction anthology he’s working on called 10,000 Dawns: Poor Man’s Iliad Vol. 1 (which currently has a Kickstarter campaign). The anthology has work by at least two a-spec authors and it just sounds amazing.

Here’s more information taken from the about section of their Kickstarter:

“Two friends from different worlds, brought together by one cause, and broken by another. But this isn’t just their story, this is the tale of the whole universe. Of scoundrels, monsters, villains, soldiers, and interlopers. This is the story of humanity’s future. Of the war on the moon of Titania, and a choice that will lead to the greatest conflict in our history. This is our future.”

I always loved reading the backstories of fictional universes, the big dramatic events that built a world into being what it was. Sometimes I thought those stories, so casually pushed into the background, sounded more interesting than the real stories. Dramas about people living through times of great turmoil that built the worlds we love to read. But there’s often a narrative reason those stories aren’t explored as novels: they’re often lots of small stories in a row. The perfect sort of thing for a short story anthology.

Over the last few years I’ve been putting together an amazing anthology, telling the history of the 10,000 Dawns sci-fi universe through short stories, featuring some amazing tales and fantastic voices. But I need a little more help to get the book to print, to pay for the cover art and book launch.

I’m James Wylder, author of nine books, including the Doctor Who poetry book “An Eloquence of Time and Space”, and creator of the Sci-Fi series 10,000 Dawns, whose first novel was the #1 Time Travel novel on Amazon last year. I hope you’ll join me on bringing these amazing tales to life!

Kickstarter link:

James Wylder Kickstarter Picture

This project sounds absolutely amazing and James is such a phenomenal author that it’s guaranteed to be entertaining.

Please donate if you can and if not, signal boost the heck out of this project! It’s definitely worth it.

Thanks everyone!

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