Sorry! An Artist Email Screw Up

Hi everyone!

This is a bit of a long shot, but I’m really hoping the artist sees this or someone who knows them does and lets them know.

I did a bit of a boneheaded thing.

Sometimes, emails from artists wind up in my spam box. I check it every day and usually catch this. Then I transfer the email to my inbox, etc. etc. so on and so forth.

Today, I was checking my spam box and I saw an email request from an artist (whose first name on the account starts with “E.” I saw the name, but I’m not going to give the rest in case the artist goes by a different name or just doesn’t want their name shown on a public site). So, I transferred it to my inbox and then emptied my spam.

When I went to my inbox, the email wasn’t there. I had a bit of a panicky moment as I clicked back and forth between the two folders, but long story short, I lost the email. I am so sorry.

If you’re the artist who emailed me either yesterday (July 3rd, 2018) or today (July 4th, 2018), whose name starts with E, could you please email me again? I really want to interview you and feature you on Asexual Artists.

Again, apologies for my error here. I am facepalming so hard at the moment.

Thanks everybody! 🙂

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