Hey everyone.

If you submitted to the exhibition I co-curated, please check your art when it’s returned. An artist who was part of the exhibit found that her work had been damaged. Apparently, they were putting adhesive on the back of the artwork without my knowledge (and tearing it off).

If your work was damaged, I recommend sending an email to Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. If they don’t respond, reach out to me and I’ll give you an email to contact.

If they ever hold another conference like this, I don’t recommend submitting to it. You won’t get paid, whoever is curating it won’t be properly reimbursed (and in the unlikely event that they are, it won’t be in a timely manner), and there’s a good chance your art will be damaged.

I’m so, so sorry about this everyone. I’m upset and…I’m enraged. This isn’t right. YOU DON’T F*CKING DO THIS TO ARTISTS!

I know I was going to post a few more interviews before taking a short break, but I just can’t. I’m exhausted, completely exhausted, people. I’m so sorry. I need to get reimbursed for my travel and I need to make sure they don’t f*ck over the artists who were part of this show. I need to make sure this artist gets a proper apology (it’s the least she deserves).

Interviews will resume in July.

Again, I’m so, so sorry about this.

See all of you in July.

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