Signal Boost: Call for Papers

Hello all!

I have a special signal boost today from a pair of academic aces in London. They’re running a fascinating session about gaming for an upcoming conference. Here’s what they have to say:

‘My friend and I really want to include papers with a queer perspective in our conference session. I’m aro ace and I feel like the ace and aro spectrums tend to get left out of queer theory a lot of the time. I’d love to be able to boost our voices in this corner of academia so if you have an idea for a paper please send it our way! All the details are below’

Power Play

‘My friend and I are running a session at the 2019 TAG Archaeology conference in London! The topic is the archaeology and history of gaming

Confused? Fair enough If you’re wondering how the archaeology of games (otherwise known as Archaeogaming!) works, we made a zine about it:

We welcome papers from ANYONE. If you have a good idea, send it our way! If you’ve never done this before and need help or have questions let us know You can find all the details here:

If you can’t come to London but still want to get involved we will also have a Twitter conference running alongside our session ’

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