Signal Boost: Lanterns of Arcadia

Hello all!

I was contacted yesterday by an artist I interviewed some time ago. Beth has recently started a webcomic entitled Lanterns of Arcadia and it looks amazing. Fantasy fans, this is one that will probably interest you.


According to the site, this is a webcomic about “monsters, magic, and mad science.” According to Beth, the main character is also ace. There are currently nine pages online and it updates daily until July 1st, after which it will update weekly.

It’s a webcomic that definitely is worth a look:

If you like what you see and you want to support this super cool webcomic, Beth also has a Patreaon page.

So please, give the webcomic a look and help support an awesome ace creator.


Signal Boost: Burning Down Dollhouses

Hello all!

Another signal boost for the weekend. A while back, I interviewed Jai of Madjaw Dolls for this site. I was really impressed with her work: it was incredibly colorful and bright, yet there was also this fantastic touch of surrealism to it. Jai is really versatile and has this fabulous unique style. Her fashion is unique and I just enjoy looking at it. It’s not everybody’s cup of tea, but that’s the same with all art.

Jai recently started a webcomic called “Burning Down Dollhouses” and it demonstrates her unique eye. Here’s the summary from her site:

“Being a newly engaged couple running on a low income is enough to test anyone’s patience. As is being two life sized dolls working in a traveling band for a companies that exploits more than it serves….

Jaimie Little-Bronze and her fiance Ben Wonder had their toys taken away from them long before they were even old enough to decided which toys they wanted to play with. Life since has been an ongoing struggle to feel normal in their own skin. It’s now the late 90s, they recently rented an apartment in downtown New York in order to perform in a band with Ben’s friends. Still, finances are looking dim, families are fighting and the worry of addiction hits closer to home than either are willing to admit.

It’s the toys that take the stage in the world of “Burning Down Dollhouses”. Madjaw Dolls is a growing company where dolls can talk and the babies in the audience just can’t seem to stop smiling. Jai and her love Dyxxin perform in a traveling toy band under the rules of an old woman named Mads. Fighting for a promotion is tough and both are worried that Mads may have some other plans.Securing a stable life in a world without logic may get the best of them

Rated T: Some mention of abuse, drug/alcohol use, mention of sexual content and mild language. Not suitable for a younger audience.

Burning Down Dollhouses

It’s an ongoing series and it’s worth a look. Jai has created a dark fairytale, which really fits with her aesthetic.

For more information:

Personal site:


Again, both sites contain material that is potentially NSFW, so proceed with caution.