Signal Boost: Ace Appreciation Day 2016

Hi all!

Last year, I started something that I’m hoping to make into a trend. It’s called Ace Appreciation Day and it happens on September 27th.

Here’s the original post (cross-posted from Tumblr):

Hello all!

This is a really strange signal boost, but hopefully it will work.  My birthday is on September 27th.  I’ve never given my birthday much thought (it has never been all that important to me, just day like any other).  A couple days ago, I had this really weird random thought:  “It would be really cool if I could get the followers of this blog to do something nice for an asexual artist and/or activist on my birthday.”

Asexual artists and activists often struggle to be heard.  Some days it’s way more frustrating than others.  Asexual activism can be somewhat thankless at times.  Just running this blog I’ve gotten my fair share of hate mail and messages (I’ve even had aces throw some fairly derogatory terms at me because I’ve called people out on shitty behavior or for ignoring the work of ace artists.  Rarely a week goes by I’m not called some name).  However, we keep doing it because it’s important to make things better for future aces.

So, on September 27th, I want everyone reading this, allo and ace alike, to do something nice for an asexual activist and/or artist. Obviously in an ideal world, you could commission an ace artist or buy their books.  However, if you don’t have the money, there are a number of other ways you can support aces:

  • Follow them on social media
  • Send them a message thanking them for their work and/or complimenting their art (and remember, the more specific you are, the more meaningful it is).  I cannot emphasize enough how good it feels to receive a message that your work has touched someone or helped them in some way.
  • Recommend them to friends.  Signal boost their social media sites
  • Leave a review of their work
  • Write a post in your social media accounts (Tumblr, Facebook, whatever you use) about asexual artists and activists who you think are under-appreciated or just an appreciation of an ace who you really admire.

If you don’t know of any asexual artists, please look under the links pages in this site.  Skim through them, find an artist whose work you really enjoy, and then show them some love.

If someone wants to create a hashtag, that would be awesome.  Signal boosting this would also be much appreciated.  I want to reach as many aces as is possible, because most of them deserve a lot of love.

Thank you, everybody!

So this Tuesday, do something nice for an ace.

*Commission an ace-identifying artist or get a book from an ace author
*Send an ace a nice message
*Fangirl over an indie ace artist
*Signal boost aces
*Hug an ace you know and let them know how much you love and appreciate them.

Go out there and show those aces some love 😀