I’m in an Anthology!

Hello all,

I’m still on my extended break (though I will soon have news about Asexual Artists reopening and posting again. I will actually have someone helping me so I don’t completely burn out again). However, I did want to pop in to make an exciting announcement.

I’m in an Anthology!


AHHHHHH!!!! I’m super excited to have my name listed among such amazing and accomplished writers. Also, even more exciting: this was the very first time that I was able to write as a queer woman AND an adoptee. I wish I could put into words just how much that means to me.

My essay is entitled “My Trickster Hero” and it’s about how both Loki and WisCon helped me to bridge two important parts of my identity.

If you’re interested in reading the anthology (oh, I hope many of you pick it up! I can’t wait to read the reaction to it), it’s now available through Aqueduct Press: http://www.aqueductpress.com/books/978-1-61976-191-9.php

To celebrate this achievement, I commissioned one of my favorite artists, Laya Rose (LayaHimalayawebsite) to draw an illustration related to my essay. She drew the most beautiful image that I’m going to treasure always:

1.1 comm_loki-4_b

Thank you, Laya! And thank you followers, for your patience and sticking with me!