Reminder of Site Rules

Hi everyone!

This post is aimed at allosexuals (non-asexuals) who visit this site, but it’s also a general rule.

People, please don’t leave comments prying into artist’s lives and relationships. This site isn’t about debating asexuality or their feelings on sex/relationships. Don’t be gross. Nobody wants to hear your opinion about asexuality and it’s SUPER inappropriate for you to expect ace artists to educate you or correct your assumptions.

This site is about celebrating the contributions of asexuals to the arts. It’s not a 101 site. It’s not a “correcting the public’s ignorance” site. This isn’t an “explain asexuality” site. There are hundreds of sites out there that do this and that have answers to your questions. Google is your friend.

If you have a question about an artist’s response to a particular question, there are ways you can contact them. Most of them have links. But keep in mind that it’s entirely up to them if they respond.


If you want to leave a comment on an artist’s art, that’s appropriate and acceptable. Please don’t hesitate to do so. That’s what this site is about.

If you leave an “Ace 101” type question, it will be deleted and you will be blacklisted from this site.

I created this site because aces were not often given the chance to be both asexual and artists. Most interviews with them were highly fetishizing or just plain demeaning.

Asexual Artists is for aces and for celebrating the amazing, unique art that they create.

Allos, please respect that and recognize that this site is NOT about you!

Thanks everybody!