Thank you so much

Hello all!

I just wanted to write a quick note to thank you all so, so very much for all the kind and encouraging words and messages of solidarity you’ve sent to me. They have really been incredibly comforting. And thank you so much for your patience as well. I’m overwhelmed with your generosity and overall wonderfulness. This blog has introduced me to some of the best people and I could not be more grateful to all of you.

Followers of this blog and interviewees: you are such wonderful amazing people. I love these blogs, I love the artists I interview, and I love the followers.

While I am concerned, and yes even scared, of what the future will look like, I am still so proud to be part of this community. I will always be proud to be an aromantic asexual woman.

Sending a massive virtual hug to all of you.

I will respond to the messages I received on Tumblr the next chance I get. I’m working at a convention this weekend (hence my being brief and probably repeating myself like an absolute goof), so I’ll upload next week’s interviews on Sunday night. New interviews all next week.

Thank you again 🙂 Just . . . really, just thank you ❤