A Short New Year’s Eve Post

Hello all!

We’ve reached the end of 2016 and I find that I’m feeling rather reflective. It has been a rough year, but this site is still going (it will be three years old on January 15th). It will still be going next year and the year after that and the one after that and so on and so forth.

Some time ago, I was asked if I ever regretted coming out as asexual. Was it worth being threatened, mocked, rejected by half my family (some of whom have threatened and bullied me)? And, I didn’t even have to think about my answer: Yes. Yes, it was worth it. Yes, it will always be worth it.

Because by embracing my asexuality, I freed myself. By finding a way to take pride in my identity, I broke out of the toxicity that surrounded me and I found that I was not alone in the world. I found love and hope.

This site is difficult to run and requires an enormous amount of time, but I do so because when I read through the interviews, when I look at the amazing and unique images, I’m reminded of just how much beauty there is in the world. Some work has made me smile or laugh, some work has brought me to tears or moved me. I feel lucky to be able to speak to so many of you and am humbled by your courage.

There is so much beauty and love and kindness out there. Even in the darkest of times, even when everything seems so wrong, even when there is doubt and fear, people continue creating and filling it with beautiful things. People continue to love and smile and laugh.

And that gives me hope.

Things will likely be tough for a while, but this site will continue on. And it will remind asexual artists that we’re capable of so much. Our voices may be silenced. We may be ignored, forgotten, pushed aside, bullied, talked over, scorned, mocked. But one day we won’t be.

One day, asexuality will be accepted and embraced. Future generations will see themselves reflected in books and media. One day, asexuality won’t just be an afterthought. One day, asexuals won’t have to go through a period of feeling broken or freakish. They will be able to embrace who they are and find their community. And they’ll always be able to find this site and marvel at just how amazing fellow aces truly are. They’ll find new worlds that we have created, filled with heroes who are like them. They’ll read the words of ace artists that came before them and feel a sense of pride.

That is truly an amazing thought.

Whatever happens in the coming years, just remember that there will always be love and hope and laughter and joy. Be proud of who you are. And always remember that myself and this site shall always be right here to help feature some of that beauty.

Happy New Year’s and thank you 🙂 ❤

Signal Boost: Ace Appreciation Day 2016

Hi all!

Last year, I started something that I’m hoping to make into a trend. It’s called Ace Appreciation Day and it happens on September 27th.

Here’s the original post (cross-posted from Tumblr):

Hello all!

This is a really strange signal boost, but hopefully it will work.  My birthday is on September 27th.  I’ve never given my birthday much thought (it has never been all that important to me, just day like any other).  A couple days ago, I had this really weird random thought:  “It would be really cool if I could get the followers of this blog to do something nice for an asexual artist and/or activist on my birthday.”

Asexual artists and activists often struggle to be heard.  Some days it’s way more frustrating than others.  Asexual activism can be somewhat thankless at times.  Just running this blog I’ve gotten my fair share of hate mail and messages (I’ve even had aces throw some fairly derogatory terms at me because I’ve called people out on shitty behavior or for ignoring the work of ace artists.  Rarely a week goes by I’m not called some name).  However, we keep doing it because it’s important to make things better for future aces.

So, on September 27th, I want everyone reading this, allo and ace alike, to do something nice for an asexual activist and/or artist. Obviously in an ideal world, you could commission an ace artist or buy their books.  However, if you don’t have the money, there are a number of other ways you can support aces:

  • Follow them on social media
  • Send them a message thanking them for their work and/or complimenting their art (and remember, the more specific you are, the more meaningful it is).  I cannot emphasize enough how good it feels to receive a message that your work has touched someone or helped them in some way.
  • Recommend them to friends.  Signal boost their social media sites
  • Leave a review of their work
  • Write a post in your social media accounts (Tumblr, Facebook, whatever you use) about asexual artists and activists who you think are under-appreciated or just an appreciation of an ace who you really admire.

If you don’t know of any asexual artists, please look under the links pages in this site.  Skim through them, find an artist whose work you really enjoy, and then show them some love.

If someone wants to create a hashtag, that would be awesome.  Signal boosting this would also be much appreciated.  I want to reach as many aces as is possible, because most of them deserve a lot of love.

Thank you, everybody!

So this Tuesday, do something nice for an ace.

*Commission an ace-identifying artist or get a book from an ace author
*Send an ace a nice message
*Fangirl over an indie ace artist
*Signal boost aces
*Hug an ace you know and let them know how much you love and appreciate them.

Go out there and show those aces some love 😀