Signal Boost: Werewolves vs. Hollywood

Dylan Fields is an awesome writer who interviewed with Asexual Artists a while back (Tumblr & WordPress). He has a new story out in a zine entitled Werewolves vs. Hollywood. Here’s what he has to say about his story:

“My story is titled “Negative Exposure” and it’s a comedy about two paparazzi photographers who stake out an actor’s house to try and get compromising pictures of him, only to discover an even bigger “scandal,” he’s a werewolf!“

Dylan is a phenomenal author and come on! Werewolves! And the cover! What’s not to love!? 😀

Werewolves vs. Hollywood
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Please, check out the story and give Dylan some love 🙂

*Note: I made an error. The author’s name is Dylan Fields, not Edwards. My bad. This post has been corrected to reflect that. Apologies to Dylan Fields.