Interview: Battle Korbi

Today we’re joined by Battle Korbi. Battle Korbi is a wonderful young writer and visual artist from Croatia. He does a lot of writing in both English and Croatian, though not as much is posted just yet. When he’s not writing, Battle Korbi enjoys drawing and takes a lot of inspiration from anime. His work is brimming with color and an impressive use of lines, as you’ll soon see. My thanks to him for taking time to participate in this interview.



Please, tell us about your art.

First of all, hiya. My art… I am a hobby writer, and a really “sketchy” sketcher, so to say. When I want to talk about my literal skills, I like to point out that I am having a bit of a tough time writing on both English and my native language. I love to write stuff on English, purely because there is a chance of posting it online in the far grimdark future, and I could let total strangers see it and rate me according to my skills, and not who I am. Yet I also like to doodle with Croatian (my mother tongue), because, my works then actually get seen by who-I-know are real people, but as always, some people don’t like to criticize their good friends, so I might not get to see if I am really that great in the first place.

About my drawing skills? Yeah, I guess that is interesting. I like to take inspiration from anime, cartoons, more serious stuff, you name it. Few of my drawings here are random and don’t have a thematic that joins them. I don’t focus on a specific thing when drawing in general, but I guess my speciality is “caricatures” and making animesque characters out of… everything. I often go overboard with detailing, as I simply cannot stop adding those itsy little bits that make my scratchings look more complete than ever. Sometimes the amount of details would end up excessive, and to anybody who is not me what started as several lines ended up as mashed potatoes. I like to experiment with every type of visual media, and can safely say that I have made at least one of every type. Are they good though? Unsure. Are they mine and by default awesome? Totally. (Am I over-confident? I guess…)

Point is, I am a absolute noobface who is kinda good at everything, but not really a meister of anything. What is good that almost everybody I know draw for shit so by default I have amazing skills and flattery fuels me 😀

5. astera

What inspires you?

Depends on what has been happening, what had my eyes touched when wandering, what thoughts had been cycling through my dreams or inside my very lucid mind. I don’t have a stationary muse I could always refer to, I most likely harvest a single “sensation” and make stuff out of it, and then plant another seed and go on to another “sensation”. I remember that something flared up in my this summer when I decided to start doing a bunch of yaoi/yuri art. Stories and drawings keep pumping out of me, even though I had no “usage” of them. I had to remove all the art though, because… well, how would you feel if you find out your sibling has been drawing gay/lesbian softcore porn for quite some time? I reckon, not good. That is just a example though, one of many.

Currently I am leeching of WH40k, drawing Dreadnoughts and Space Marines whenever I get to it. I am also trying to imitate Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure, and I have a good knack of it, I may say. With regards to writing, currently I am trying out comedy, lashing out hurricanes of puns and silly jokes. My favorite “Airplane!”-esque joke to use is: “It sprawled all over the floor. Carpet, of course.” Or “He was soaked from tip to toe. From rain of course.”. Basically, rev up the situation like something dramatic was going on, then dispel it by playing Captain Obvious. This works with some context though.



What got you interested in your field?  Have you always wanted to be an artist?

Lemme see… When I got a connection to the internet somewhere in my first year of high school, and a bit before, I started writing. I had been reading a lot of books before I “went online”, and was writing a bit too on paper. This single, quite slow and unrealiable thread of kilobites (yes, kilobites) where my only connection to the world out there. I found some creepypasta groups on Facebook, and I hit it off from there, writing incredibly bad stories filled with Mary Sues, miracles, and explosions. They sucked. Be it grammar (from bad English), the way story unfolded, or the way I told the stories. They never got much attention, but I kept on writing and posting every day, till I got better and better. I still dream of being a successful writer, but not really a full-time novelist, because such dreams are a bit unrealistic with my caliber.

About drawing? Yeah, I guess I picked up a pencil as a kid and just… did stuff? I guess I got complimented for my amount of details and whatevs. Out of boredom I gave my pencil, later my ink pen, a revisit during my later years of middle school, and just drew stuff every day til I learned to be a bit better than before. I might not have a soul of a artist, but damn whoever tells me I haven’t worked hard enough. I guess I want to be a proud author of a good comic someday… or a cartoon, or manga, or anime. I have not decided yet, but that doesn’t mean I should not warm up and exercise every day.

6. dip software1


Do you have any kind of special or unique signature, symbol, or feature you include in your work that you’d be willing to reveal?

Eh, not really. Depends on the mood and the piece though. I might feel mystic sometimes and put “out-of-sight” details that don’t mean anything but a pat on the back for those who find them. I do like to pull references a lot. Like, it is easy to pull references to some anime/manga/games/shows/movies when you are living in a environment filled with people who cannot tell. Whenever I am writing on Croatian, and whenever I know that whatever I am writing will be read by someone. I make sure to pop as many references as possible, and try and pick up any reaction that implies that someone understood a reference. There had been a few people who got them. We became friends soon enough (my other friends became friends for other reasons, no worries).

Anything beside my basic signature (The weird number 8 with a K, two guesses to who it refers to) is quite rare to find in my works. Even I cannot find them. I reckon because I don’t do them too much. Sometimes when sharing my work I might get over-excited and spill the secret stuff almost immediately.

7. IMG_20171116_211958

What advice would you give young aspiring artists?

First of all, create. Like, don’t take a break unless you have a important exam coming up, or if you have a big project to complete, or if you are crushed underneath work, or if you are getting ready to repel a siege attempt on your fortress, or if you are worrying about looting that store without being seen by zombies… Point is, create. Not every artpiece can be shown at a gallery or in a bookstore, they might be stored somewhere moldy and dusty, or incinerated, but the point is, if you won’t bother creating big stuff, take some time to practice your technique.

Also, if you are having issues with your creativity, try and tapping into your inner kid who considered Transformers to be super duper cool. If not Transformers, some other cartoon. Either way, you don’t have to make mind-boggling, ground-breaking or any other way “deep” art all the time. Take some time to relax, draw a super cool robot with flamethrowers and chainguns, or write a cheesy action scene with a hammy protagonist, or play a piece that could be used as a background music for a intense wizard duel. Make a sculpture of a space marine goring a alien. Alternatively, if you don’t like exciting and explosive stuff, then draw/write/play about/whatever something calm and simple, like flowers, animals, friends hanging out, sunrise, sunsets… Not every piece you make has to have a deep meaning behind it, nor does it have to trigger philosophical thoughts, breakthroughs or inspiration.

Last bit, learn to find, capture, tame and calibrate your intrusive thoughts and emotions. How many times a day you cross the road imagining yourself getting hit by a airplane (okay, maybe you don’t)? Just about how many times did you see a funny-looking person walking down the same road as you? And just about how many times did you imagine “Gee, what would I do if a terrorist came here and started shooting?”. Simply put, everyone daydreams. Once you learn to find these thoughts, you capture them, down on the paper or keyboard, or under a pencil. Then, you have to tame those nasty buggers, make them feel natural. This in itself is a process different for everyone. You might find it super easy, or tougher than a nail. Then calibrate those thoughts, make them a centerpiece of your new artwork, or implement them in your existing projects. It takes a while for all of this to happen, but remember, you are the one doing your art. No one is telling you that you should not bother doing anything else related to art. If they do, screw them. Caterpillars become butterflies, so do new artists become good artists, once you get enough time, sunshine, water, protein and whatever else.



Where on the spectrum do you identify?

Asexual… Bit gray I guess? I like shipping people and I find some people hella cute, but it never advances from there. I would like to throw in the “romantic” word here, but dunno where…

Have you encountered any kind of ace prejudice or ignorance in your field?  If so, how do you handle it?


As in environment itself or the art community? Since I dunno anything about the second, I might give a rundown of things going on here around here. I had grown up in a religious environment, if not religious, then surely quite conservative. I myself am a Christian man, a Catholic to be more specific, and I cannot see any blame within my brothers and sisters when they become confused about my orientation. Specifically, I only told my classmates in high school that I am asexual. Reactions were different. Technically, I was the same as everyone else, as long as I did not like other guys, I was fine. There were some confusing moments, but high school kids can be accepting of that. And I still chuckle a bit from the time one of my friends said “Stop being asexual! That isn’t good!” in a tone of voice similar to the one given to people that text-and-drive.

I still have not told my family about it, though. Seeing how my (a)sexuality might impose a great deal on the dynasty (honestly, just a few huffs and puffs), I decided to keep that bit of info for myself. I would still like to have a wife and have a family, but I guess it would be tough when sex is virtually non-exist to me and physical attraction is a thing worth swapping for cake.


What’s the most common misconception about asexuality that you’ve encountered?

None other than a confused look and a “So… you like dudes?” or “So… your wiener is wrong?”. Seeing that I made a wise choice of hiding my orientation from people who don’t need to know, I have not got many troubles. I can still pour out some gold nuggets:

“So you don’t want kids?”: No, I would actually love to have kids. That are mine as well! No one is going to be a genetic father to my kids but me! I just don’t like the sex thing :3

“You sure you are not straight and pretending?” I guess I am sure. I mean, why waste time getting excited over people just because of their genders? Also, since when became all about sex? There is life beyond bed, people, and it is beautiful!

“I am sure you won’t be when you…” Nah. Thanks for considering though, but still, I have to refuse your kind gesture.

“You should stop watching anime, see what is happening to you! Next day you might decide to be a dragon or something.” Nah, if given a choice of what I would become, I would rather become a Aztec god of fitness thank you.

But these lines above are just what my closest friends asked. Everyone else just shrug their heads.

8 practice1

What advice would you give to any asexual individuals out there who might be struggling with their orientation?

There will be people who will try and “convert” you, especially if you are a good friend to them and if you live in a conservative setting like me. Don’t let them confuse you though. Unless they are actively using drugs on you, remember that only you are in control of your willpower. Brace through, and be ready to hug the sunshine first thing in the morning!

I also like this line: “There is life beyond bed”. I like it a lot. Why? Because it implies a lot of things. Like, if you decide to head out and explore, you would see all those little things that matter in life, details that make a bigger picture more beautiful. The social media and the internet tries to make it all about sex. If you get laid enough, you are cool. Remain a virgin, and you are useless mess of tears. But that is just depresso propaganda limiting people from their inner lights, just to bring them down and break them. Depressos are trying to get through everyone, me, you, your friends and family. They want to blame you for things out of your reach, and use this guilt to claim superiority. They want to take your passion, and break it, so you can become like them.

The world needs passionate people to keep moving around the sun without trouble. The happiest people are the ones who keep with the world’s currents, the way the water moves, the way the rocks remain still in face of trouble, and the way fire heats. That doesn’t mean you should watch news 24/7. No. Just be passionate about you do. Be happy about what you do. Take criticism where its due, and discard the bad things. My father says; “It isn’t about doing what makes you happy, but being happy with what you are doing”, and my “There is life beyond bed” applies perfectly.

Anywho, check yourself for your asexuality. If all the conditions apply for you to fit on a spectrum, then you are fine! Asexual people are still people, people who can love others all right. It is just that we had been blessed with a opportunity to see daily life without sex, and to see where the true beauty lies. If you are a artist, a total noobface or a pro, you should be able to see what makes beauty beauty, and what makes sex sex, and how to capture each.

9. witchgirl


Finally, where can people find out more about your work?

Uhh, I surely like to write a lot, hope I didn’t bore ya, fellow aces! Either way, you guys can check my lousy FB page here: (Be warned, I don’t upload everything I make here, only when I remember it)

I guess, I would appreciate it if you people checked out my absolutely empty Tumblr blog:


Thank you, Battle Korbi, for participating in this interview and this project. It’s very much appreciated.

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