Signal Boost: Lanterns of Arcadia Kickstarter

Hello all!

I’m still taking a short break from the site to work on my sixth novel (and I’ve got a very busy schedule for the next few months). However, I’m still going to try posting the occasional signal boost.

A phenomenal visual artist, Beth, has reached out to ask for a signal boost for her fantastic graphic novel Lanterns of Arcadia. She’s currently running a Kickstarter to get chapters one and two printed as a single volume. Beth’s work is gorgeous and this is a truly fascinating book, one which I highly recommend.

Here’s what she says about the project:

KS Teaser Image

“Lanterns of Arcadia is now live on Kickstarter! is a fantasy mystery in which a scientist and a dragon team up to stop demons from destroying a magical library.

The book will contain all of Chapters 1 + 2 as well as an exclusive epilogue (180 pages). I’m also offering art prints, signed books w/ a sketch, watercolor commissions, and a few cameo slots so you can get you or your character in future pages of the comic! Early Bird copies of the book are just $20, so pledge early to get in on the discounted rate.”

She has included some truly stunning artwork of the project:


The Librarian
The Librarian

I really want to see this project come to fruition. It is beautiful and a really stunning work by an amazing ace artist. Please, show Beth some love. Donate if you can and signal boost the heck out of this project.

Thanks, everyone!

Signal Boost: Lanterns of Arcadia

Hello all!

I was contacted yesterday by an artist I interviewed some time ago. Beth has recently started a webcomic entitled Lanterns of Arcadia and it looks amazing. Fantasy fans, this is one that will probably interest you.


According to the site, this is a webcomic about “monsters, magic, and mad science.” According to Beth, the main character is also ace. There are currently nine pages online and it updates daily until July 1st, after which it will update weekly.

It’s a webcomic that definitely is worth a look:

If you like what you see and you want to support this super cool webcomic, Beth also has a Patreaon page.

So please, give the webcomic a look and help support an awesome ace creator.